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Michael Wacha talking hardball

Michael Wacha talking hardball

St. Louis Cardinals ace Michael Wacha joined Jay Mohr Sports on Thursday and we wanted to know about his pre-game pitching ritual. He also told us the folks at MLB Advanced Media made him better in the new 2014 RBI Baseball game than he is in real life.

Mohr: “What is your weirdest superstition you have that we don’t know….what is the one thing you have to do before each start?”

Wacha: “I have to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich before every start. Just a little snack before I head out (onto the field).”

Mohr: “That doesn’t bind you up?"

Wacha: “Nope, it’s a couple hours before every start and then I relax before I head out and start stretching (laughing).”

Mohr: “What do you wash it down with?”

Wacha: “Whole milk.”

Mohr: “You’re a man….you are Texarkana!! PB&J and whole milk!!!”


Mohr: “How are your new ratings or skill level in the new RBI Baseball game…anything you would change?”

Wacha: “Actually I think they boosted mine (ratings) up to make me a little bit better (than I am), so I wasn’t upset at all. I threw my first pitch as myself and it was like 97 or 98 mph and I was like, ‘Here we go, I like this game already.'”



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