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Jay Mohr Sports

Byron Scott looking for another Lakers Championship

Los Angeles Lakers HC Byron Scott joins Jay Mohr Sports to discuss taking over the reigns in LA and his expectations for his new squad moving forward.

Mohr: “What are your Expectations? What are your incentives for this year? Do you have goals for your players?”

Scott: “The goal I have for this team is everyday we want to get better and I think our line up is a lot better than what people think. I think were going to be able to surprise some people. I’m excited about the mixture that Jim (Buss) and Mitch (Kupchak) put together. There is some youth and some experience. I thought Carlos Boozer was a great signing as well as Jeremy Lin, and we still get to keep a ton of money under the cap for next year. I thought it was very well, planned this year. A lot of these guys have a chip on their shoulder, which is always a good thing." 


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